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Specializing in Semitool™ and Verteq™ Spin Rinse Dryers

M Tek Corporation provides new and remanufactured wet process equipment, spare parts and service to the Semiconductor, Disk Drive, MEMs, Solar and Medical industries ... worldwide.

M Tek Corporation is headquartered in Auburn, California USA. The company’s equipment, manufacturing, design and operations are contained in this single facility. The test area is facilitized with 18M ohm DI water and class one N2.

M Tek Corporation’s staff is committed to our customers by providing high-quality products, services, and complete customer satisfaction. We are able to achieve this level of excellence through our dedicated staff and global independent sales organization. M Tek utilizes its global sales and support team to focus on developing long term relationships with its customers.


Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD)

Semitool S Model

Semitool ST Model

Semitool F Model

Each available in various configurations:  benchtop, single stack and double stack.


Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD)

Verteq Model 1600-34, -44, -55

Verteq Model 1800-6

Each available in various configurations:  benchtop, single stack, and double stack.


M Tek supports Semitool and Verteq controllers.

New and refurbished units
are available in various models. 
Service of controllers is available,
including exchanges and upgrades. 
Motor controllers are also available
for sale and repair.  


Standard and custom rotors
are available through M Tek. 

We offer a large selection of
stock rotors, as well as support
for engineering custom rotors
to fit your specific needs for
Semitool and Verteq, four-bolt and
quick disconnect (single QD bolt).

Why choose us
M Tek is solely dedicated to Spin Rinse Drying technology.
M Tek supplies the most economical solutions for your SRD equipment, spare parts and support.
M Tek offers new, refurbished and repair options for your equipment and part needs.
M Tek is a one stop solution for all your Semitool and Verteq spin rinse dryers needs.
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